a packing list of what to take when you’re sleeping in a studio with 20 artists for four days and have no idea what to expect

What_Now 2014
  1. Towel
  2. Spare bag
  3. Slip on shoes
  4. Notebook and pens
  5. Sleeping bag, mat, pillow
  6. Something warm
  7. Something cool
  8. Something to move in
  9. Something nice to change into – for when the guests come
  10. Some jewellery / lipstick to make me feel like a normal human being
  11. Deodorant
  12. Essential oil – preferably, lavender
  13. Toothbrush etc.
  14. Phone and charger
  15. Eye mask
  16. Earplugs
  17. The two books they asked us to bring
  18. Clean socks
  19. Clean underwear
  20. Water-bottle / Keep Cup
  21. An open mind
  22. Willingness to engage
  23. Friendliness
  24. Less Effort
  25. Not having to prove anything
  26. Remember to check in with myself daily
  27. The sky in my belly
  28. Knowing it’s ok to be different – not with the group the whole time
  29. Ways in which to document this event of a lifetime – pens, paper, crayons, ink, brush, memory.
  30. A readiness to move with others
  31. Or on on my own
  32. My values / ethics
  33. My body – container of it all
  34. Running shoes

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