Storm Dance Score.

Use it to make a storm – someday, somewhere, sometime.
From the first step you take you are heavy.

Heavy like thunder, heavy like an elephant.

Every footfall creates an earthshake.

Take your time to get to your place in the space.

If you’re already there and have to wait for others – wait heavily.

Just breathe and think of a mountain, waiting for the years to pass.

It’s time to make the rains come.

At first, it falls softly and slowly through your fingers.

Your fingers are clouds.

Your hands are sky.

Your arms are branches of trees swaying in the gathering wind.

Your head looks up to the sky.

You see dark thunder clouds.

You change your direction.

You see more clouds. Heavy and low. Rumble with the clouds.

You are a tree or a blade of grass twisting in the wind.

When you reach low, go as low as you can, with your whole body.

Fold in.

When you reach up, touch the stars.

Extend yourself.

You are a snail. You are a lightning rod.

Keep your eyes on your body parts, hands, arms, feet or if you must look away, look at the sky.

And feel the rain fall drop by drop into your face.

Each step you take breaks and widens this world.

You are sodden and drenched. You leave a trail of slime behind you. Go slowly and carefully.

You are a dinosaur becoming extinct.

Slowly you disappear into time.

Explode into the first shape.

Rage against the machine.

Put all your fury and all your aggression into these shapes.

Punch and be punched.

Hit out into the world. You are furious with the world.

Make the people in their seats feel nervous of being hit without you touching them.

Tell them what you really think.

You fall from the exhaustion of anger.

You fall like a tree being chopped in the Amazon.

There’s nothing elegant about it.

It’s a complete surprise.

Don’t hurt yourself or anyone else.

Be simple.

Rest on the earth.

Breathe into the earth.

You are the rain, fallen.

Lightning hits your body and seizes up.

You are shaking like a leaf.

You are seized by a force that is not you.

Give into this force.

It can change your destiny.

Let this force bring you to sitting.

Spin 3 times.

You are dice rolled onto the table.

Every time you spin, it’s a different number.

Get lucky.

Don’t walk, flash!

Go quickly, almost like you disappear.

And then reappear in a new place in space.

You are a flash of lightning.

Here in the sky, then here.

You are a paintbrush painting the whole world clean.

The painting you’re making is beautiful beyond belief.

You’re painting it for all the generations to come.

It is your gift to the world.

Paint it slowly and carefully.

Paint with your whole body.

Paint with your arms, elbows, shoulders, knees and ribs.

Sometimes stop and rest.

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