We Make Each Other Up



Rhiannon Newton and Amaara Raheem, We Make Each Other Up, Dancehouse, 2018

Grounded in the time and space afforded by the Housemate residency, We Make Each Other Up is a new work grown and cared for in co-operation with Dancehouse and a unique group of human and non-human collaborators. Planted and ground-bound, this living choreography vibrates with the materials, bodies and surroundings that have contributed to its making. Entangled in it are the facts and fictions of our time. Telling stories from the peripheries of our memories, from futures that have not yet come to pass, we realise we make up, and are made up by each other, our world and the possibilities of our imagination.

Our technologies, wildest dreams, mainstream narratives and blind spots compose us. The world touches the body and is translated into sensation. And the world, in turn, feels something too.

Choreographer & Performer: Rhiannon Newton
Collaborators & Performers:  David Huggins, Amaara Raheem, Ivey Wawn and Megan Alice Clune.
Sound Designer/Composer: Megan Alice Clune
Collaborator & Writer: Aodhan Madden
Lighting Design: Siobhain Geaney
Costume Design: Honey Long
Outside Eye: Lizzie Thomson

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