Writing in the Expanded Field

Chloe Martin, Chorus, Writing in the Expanded Field: A Public Forum, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne 2018. Photograph: Jacqui Shelton

In November 2018 ACCA launched a new writing program presented in partnership with RMIT University non/fictionLab for 15 participants selected by application. We all responded to ACCA’s major exhibition Eva Rothschild: Kosmos by exploring new methodologies for art writing and criticism, opening writing to an ‘expanded field’ in which the encounter between writer and artwork, and the relations of this engagement, may be animated by various writing positions between the critical, the personal and the imaginary.

The program culminated in an online publication.

My essay is called ‘Kolour‘.

There was also a public forum at ACCA which you could listen to here:

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