Xavier Le Roy

Temporary Title, 2015, Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu © Christian Schuller, Carriageworks, 2015

Xavier Le Roy

I have been performing in Temporary Title, 2015 by Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu since it was first commissioned as the 31st Kaldor Public Art Project, November 2015, Carriageworks, Sydney. Temporary Title, 2015 is an exhibition where visitors enter and leave at will. That situation is made with performers forming and deforming groups or assemblies while composing a landscape in perpetual transformation. The performer’s actions and presences oscillate between  recognizable and unrecognizable appearances which characteristics could be sculptural, animal, vegetal, mechanical and, sometimes, they approach the public to engage in conversations.

Taking up some of the materials developed for low pieces this work questions the dividing lines between human / inhuman, object / subject, transformation / transition / modification. At first sight, it can appear as something external to contemplate, but, the duration of the visit make it become a landscape in which we find ourselves, a situation to live, a space where our perception can be faster than the actions, otherwise says, a situation where maybe, time can wait.

I am part of an ongoing group of eighteen performers working mainly in Europe in this ongoing collaboration.

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