What_Now 2014

… abandon all hope time above us stars time and to think I’m dealing in truth time and what about me time answering impossible questions time as usual I find it hard to say good-bye time barefoot all day time circling up time being useless and lazy time breaking it open time checking-in time deciding nothing time do you want me to disappear time every stone on the road is precious to me time gather ye rosebuds while ye may time how hard a thing is to say time I need to go outside stand on the street corner and just look at the traffic time I’m having trouble sleeping time I’m hidden and then again not time late night Disco time leaving nothing in their place time lying on top of another body and breathing in another rhythm time no end to these hallucinations time nothing is happening time o good it’s lunchtime pocket of air time sitting at the edge of a hole time standing in the same spot all afternoon time tell me what to do time the stories come at dinnertime the straightforward path has been lost trusting little in the future time walking down the stairs on a Sunday morning in April time we’re out of the world for sure time yes this is how we first met time …

Presented by Independent Dance in association with Siobhan Davies Dance What_Now 2014 was the latest in the ongoing series of ‘What Festivals’ that took up residence at Siobhan Davies Studios in London, April 10th – 13th. Initiated by Independent Dance co-director Gill Clarke, this series of festivals is a showcase for the incredible innovation and diversity of contemporary independent dance artists working today.

What_Now 2014 re-imagined the idea of a festival by hosting a group of 20 artists to explore processes of moving through collective practice and theory, asking: what moves us, and how do we articulate and think through movement?

Audiences were invited to listen in, converse, watch, read, and share – to look for things that happen, and be a part of what was happening.

Over four days and three nights, 20 residency artists – Ailsa Richardson, Amaara Raheem, Amy Bell, Amy Voris, Andrea Buckley, Benjamin Pohlig, Emilyn Claid, Hetty Blades, Jane Mason, Laura Burns, Maria Sideri, Nicholas Quinn, Nicola Conibere, Robbie Synge, Robert Vesty, Siriol Joyner, Stefan Jovanovic, Stella Dimitrakopoulou & Susanna Recchia – were invited to live and sleep in Siobhan Davies Studios. Their time together involved following strands of thought, allowing guest speakers’ contributions feed into their processes, working on and with actions without necessarily producing choreographic objects.

In the opening circle as we gathered for the first time, curator Frank Bock welcomed us to the festival with the words ‘time is the greatest resource we have’.

Time. Indeed.

But… where is time, if I may ask? Who is time?

Does he, or she, merely substitute and act as a caesura? Or does it replace and redefine the latter altogether?

John Hejduk once answered me in my subconscious with another question, what is meant by architectural time?

Female time,

male time?

For four days and three nights, I genuinely felt the passing of time, something that hasn’t occurred to me in a very long time.

In the constant flux of our everyday lives, when is the last time that we had the freedom to juststopembracethevoidloseourselves and




NB How many times have I used the word time up until now? And don’t forget it’s metonymical presence as well. People tend to always overlook what is implied.

At one particular moment during our stay at eighty-five St. George’s Road, an individual approached me, or perhaps I approached them, I don’t remember quite which way it went.

In that very minute, they addressed me and said,

When you move. Be confident. When you walk through a door. Just look.

And so I pondered, in how many different occasions had I moved?

And how often had I walked through a door?

And could I say that I possessed confidence?

And do I honestly remember whether or not I looked?

I pondered all the time.

I moved several times.

I walked through the door countless times.

I possessed confidence most of the time.

I looked…

…I realised I never really looked.

Time. Indeed. By residency artist, Stefan Jovanovic

What_Now 2014 was co-curated by Frank Bock, Katye Coe, Hamish MacPherson & Efrosini Protopapa.

All photographs by Amaara Raheem



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